When is Your Next Rebirth?

When is Your Next Rebirth?

By Amanda Bibbo…….

I’ve been reading The Journey Magazine for several years now. A while ago, I decided that one day I would be featured. It was one of those thoughts that tend to pop in your head quickly, then disappear, but somehow in your subconscious it never truly disappears. I recognized I was headed down a spiritual path, but wasn’t quite sure where it would take me. The fall of 2016 topic was “Rebirth”. Something inside of me could not stop thinking about this theme because I had a deep connection with this expression. Yes, I know we hear it all the time – in history lessons, shows, religions, books, etc. But, this time felt different. For a while I had lost my spiritual self, or so I felt. I knew that I was sensitive and could feel energies. I adored educating myself on various subjects in the “New Age” section of the bookstore.

Until a few years ago when my life quickly turned upside down, I felt like I was in a rut. I couldn’t quite get out of it, or if I did, it would only last for a short amount of time. Many of my friends and family would say, “Oh Mand, it’s okay – you have a lot going on!” Ok, so maybe I did, but does the craziness ever go away? And, if so, when!?

(Side Note: For you curious readers wondering “what I had going on” here is the short version… Within 3 months I became a new wife, new mother, and new home owner to a home that we were renovating while living in it. I was a “stay at home mom” that continued to work from home (25-35 hours a week) for a “toxic” company that made me anxious every time my alarm sounded in the morning. I was in constant chaos with laborers working on the house, a baby to take care of, a house to clean, yard to fix up, breakfast, lunch and dinner to be prepared, and emails to respond to. Plus, a husband that had a true passion for his career, thus he was always at the office. Then, to top it off, my father was diagnosed with various incurable cancers.)

I didn’t know who I was any longer. Life was rolling me over like a freight train over and over again. The same chaos day in and day out – a bit like the movie, Groundhog Day. I wanted to crawl under the covers every chance I had just to take a breather. My phone would ring and my heart would beat faster because I never knew if it was a client for work, or a worker calling to come and finish a job. I was, to say the least, on edge.

Rebirth has a different meaning to us entirely. The instant I was struck with “Cupid’s Arrow for Life” (as I call it), I began my rebirth. I began to stop and appreciate every little thing in life – nature, lyrics to songs, little accidents, messes, my dog, the journey of our house project, the laundry piling up, the list goes on. I began to fall in love with Life and with myself again! I began to… breathe. Once I sat in my own driver’s seat, everything was “zen”. I had little to worry about because I knew all is unfolding effortlessly as it should be. I continued on my life’s journey, my purpose.

How did I get to this place? I stopped controlling and started surrendering. I wasn’t taking life so seriously anymore. I laughed more (I watched funny videos). I actually took care of myself. I traded one unhealthy habit in at a time. With every negative habit I “turned in” I replaced it with one that made me joyful and healthier. I began witnessing myself. I made mental and physical notes on what I thoroughly enjoyed and what I didn’t. I learned to say no. Being a people pleaser no longer suited me. I stood up for myself, especially at work. Shortly after, I got a raise, worked less hours and moved to a different, more peaceful department. My life was turning around! Woo-hoo! I slowly began feeling worthy again. I invested time and money into myself and took a few classes. I started a journal, read more books and connected with my angels. I was on a more “mature” level of spirituality. I still feel I am!

I am currently trying to publish my first spiritual children’s book, “Why Am I Here: An Oak Tree Finds Her Purpose.” I am getting certified in Yoga Energetics at Mentor’s Awaken Yoga Studio to help heal and educate those in my community. Finally, I am thoroughly enjoying life.

Close your eyes for a moment, and ask yourself the following questions and really envision your answers:

What does it feel like to have a “rebirth”?

What does it sound like?

What does it taste like?

What does it look like?

What does it smell like?

(For me – it was the feeling of being safe and warm as I did in my mother’s womb. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the birds were chirping and the waves were crashing. The scent of fresh cut grass filled my nose. The taste of mineral water kept my body hydrated.)

Sounds like I was on vacation, right? But, I wasn’t.

Now, write your answers down. Start manifesting what you want your next rebirth to feel like or look like. The greatest thing about rebirth is that we are always reborn. We, spiritual beings, are always growing and changing. What we should be more concerned about is not wanting to be reborn. Then, we need to dig deeper and determine, what fears are holding us back from moving forward.

Therefore, I learned the answer to my question above. No, it (the craziness) never goes away. It is essential that we, as individuals and as a whole, learn how to trust and ride the wave of life – just as the Aussie sea turtles trust the East Australian Current will safely take them to their destination. God never gives us anymore than what we are capable of handling. There are always lessons to be learned. There are always areas we can grow. Taking a few steps back, occasionally, is not always bad. In fact, it’s a great thing! So, when is your next rebirth?



One Response to When is Your Next Rebirth?

  1. Patti Ley says:

    Dear Susanna,

    I admire you for leaving your glamorous job for the ministry ~ but why did you not mention GOD? Our purpose in life is to worship GOD and find our peace through knowing our Savior Jesus Christ. GOD gives us the desire to search for the missing “piece(peace)” to our heart. That is what you were searching for. When we know and love Jesus, then we find that missing “(piece)peace” HE IS your inner roommate. Meditation is just another name for prayer or spending quiet time with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in His Peace.

    As you said, life is a journey and Purpose is found in an ongoing meditation (prayer) that leads us home (to our Heavenly Home in Paradise) GOD bless you, your mother, and your ongoing work. I hope and pray you have found it too. Read “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.