Dr. Linda Backman (Psychologist and Regression Therapist)

Soul Evolution:

Life Purpose and Interplanetary Experience



Soul mending leads to evolution. You are a soul living one life to the
next to mend troublesome past life experiences and gain higher
wisdom as an individual, and as a collective of souls in the Universe.
Each day of your current life, opportunities to balance karma or embrace
“dharma,” that are your soul accomplishments and intentions, are presented to you.
Your “job” in body today is to advance as a soul and to contribute to the painfully-
needed evolution of Humanity.

You gain soul progress through Earth lives, as well as interplanetary lives.
What are your significant past lives that affect you today? What is your current life purpose?
If you’ve had numerous interplanetary past lives, what did you experience, and what are your challenges
with living on Earth today?

In this workshop, Dr. Linda Backman, psychologist and regression therapist, will share her vast regression client experience and will guide you to learn more about your karma, dharma, life purpose, and past lives.

Dr. Linda Backman, Psychologist and Regression Therapist, is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light (Llewellyn, 2009) and The Evolving Soul (Llewellyn, 2014). She is well-known and a highly regarded speaker and workshop presenter, participating in spiritual programs throughout the U.S. and abroad. Linda’s commitment is to assist clients in deepening their understanding and comprehension of both their soul’s journey and their soul’s intention in this lifetime. Dr. Backman is the founder of The RavenHeart Center in Boulder, CO, where she conducts soul regression sessions, trains individuals in Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression therapy, and provides spiritual mentoring assistance to clients. Linda can be reached at Linda@RavenHeartCenter.com or through her website at www.RavenHeartCenter.com.




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