Amy Joy

“Creating Heaven On Earth”

Saturday from 1:30 to 2pm

FREE! (Must have entrance ticket to the expo)

Creating Heaven on Earth is about finding the balance between our physical and the spiritual existence… It’s about using our “program” from Spirit; that which is encoded into our spirits, to create our best existence here on Earth… It’s about stepping, and tapping into our Higher Self/intuitive knowledge and letting go of the rules imposed on us in the physical realm by others. In order to find true fulfillment, we must uncover who our true selves really are and live our lives according to that ultimate truth. This talk will guide audience members through how to connect with their Higher Self, prepare them for finding their purpose and creating their dream life.

Amy Joy is a certified life coach, a sisterhood group facilitator, retreat leader and yoga teacher. She created the business umbrella of “One Centered Life” to help women have transformative experiences realizing their true potential and live lives in alignment with their highest good. In her work, she believes that the path to living our fullest expression, most impactful and rewarding lives is through healing and accepting all the various parts of ourselves; becoming whole. “Wholeness is the foundation to greatness!”


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