Angelique Clarke

“Healing the Shadow Within” 

Working Through Depression, Anxiety and the Shadow Self

Saturday from 12 to 12:30


FREE! (Must have entrance ticket to the expo)


We are all in a place of transformation and it is up to you to make the change. Working with your shadow will help you to understand where you’ve been and where you are going.  Understand what it means to forgive yourself as well as others and bring the shadow back angeliqueinto alignment with who you truly are. You are the best YOU can be! Learn a few tools to help you let go of the old and take in the new.  Dissolve negative patterns and strengthen the positive within you.  Allow your light to shine and love yourself all over again.

Angelique Clarke – I am a Healer and Psychic Medium. My blessings are here to help assist in the souls healing by using many different techniques needed for each individual soul. Such as: Tuning Forks, Mediumship, Chakra Balancing, Auric Cleansing, Psychic Readings, Reflexology and Color & Sound



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