The Journey Presents – Shawshank live


May 2 & 3, 2014

Ohio State Reformatory

Mansfield, Ohio


George Noory  – Star of Coast to Coast AM


          Please join us and have Lunch with George

Join George for a Ghost Hunting Tour

and be a part of a live studio audience as George does a remote broadcast of Coast to Coast AM

Then on Saturday, as he moderates a Panel Discussion  

Shawshank Live features two days of mini lectures, workshops, and demonstrations to help your understanding of the paranormal. Vendors featuring;  crystals,  psychic readings, music, astrology, aura imagery and much more!


For more information and to buy tickets, please go to


5 Responses to The Journey Presents – Shawshank live

  1. karen morgan says:

    Is there a different price for readers at the Cleveland Expo?
    $650 is a bit steep for me.

  2. Julia Early says:

    I’m so excited to finally meet Doreen! I want to buy tickets ASAP.
    I wonder if I could buy a private reading at the Cleveland Expo?

    • Clyde Chafer says:

      Hi Julia,
      We are excited to have Doreen also!…and as a bonus her band will be giving a “Obsidian” concert!….Unfortunately she will not be available for private readings…You can call in for ticket reservations at 440-223-1392…

  3. mary lehett says:

    how many tickets are being sold at the $120.00 price for doreen’s lecture.
    is the reception before or after her lecture?