Hank Baughman – Talk Show Host/Spiritual Researcher

“Yes We’re Spirits. No We Don’t Die”

Saturday from 2:45 to 4pm
FREE (Must also have entrance ticket to the expo)

For some time I was a materialist, thinking that when we’re dead, that’s the end. Brain is dead, mind is dead, consciousness extinguished. But startling personal experience, intensive research and hundreds of conversations turned me around. I am now convinced beyond doubt that we are indeed “spirits on a physical journey” and that the afterlife is absolutely real. Not only that, we may be eternal.
In my talk I discuss my experiences, showing dramatic photographic proof of one, describe mind blowing events in the lives of others I know and I invite those who attend to reveal their own special experiences.

The Journey Expo promises to be a very valuable weekend. Hope to see you there




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