“50,000 things HEMP Can Do”

Saturday: 11:30 to 12

FREE (with admission ticket to the Expo)

OK, we won’t have enough time to go over all 50,000 things, but in this lecture you will learn about many applications of hemp, how hemp was used in the past, how it’s being used today and where we can be in the future. 

If we grew more hemp, Mother Earth would be so happy!  In this lecture, we will explore how hemp can help our beautiful Earth.  Come learn about how hemp is good for our soil and air.  Learn about the power hempcrete will have to our environment.  Learn about how the CBD oils extracted from the hemp plant can help all mammals.  Learn about how we can replace plastic bottles with bottles made from hemp and how this will positively impact our environment. Learn this and more, then come visit us at the HempROX booth to learn even more!


Henderly Ramsey loves helping people make wellness a way of life.  She believes anything big-pharma can do, nature can do better and loves sharing her passion and knowledge of holistic living with others.  When she’s not helping folks with CBD, she’s working with a renowned herbalist or teaching yoga.  She holds a 500RYT certificate of Yoga Teaching with many hours of therapy-based training. hemprox.com


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