Journey Expo Phoenix 2017 Order Page

The Expo is on the following dates

  • Saturday, February 11 from 10am to 8pm
  • Sunday, February 12 from 10am to 6pm

El Zaribah Shrine
552 North 40th St.
Phoenix, Az.,  85008



* No Tickets will be Mailed Out *

Tickets may be picked up at the Expo box office the day of – there will be a sign in the lobby that says “Will Call”


CALL TINA at 623-261-6167 or CLYDE at 440-223-1392 FOR INFORMATION

Admission to the Expo includes all vendor area and all mini lectures.

$10 per day
$15 for a 2 day pass
$5 one day pass with purchase of a workshop
$20 for workshop
$10 or $30 unlimited for Sacred Geometry Light Portal Session
or Merkaba Chamber
$10 Pyramid Session (unlimited)


Charles Virtue
(“How to Connect with your Angels” – 1 hour) $10 + $3 service charge


Charles Virtue
(“The Guidance of Angel Cards” – 3 hour) $30 + $3 service charge


Sunny Dawn Johnston  $20 + $3 service charge


Dr. Linda Backman  $20 + $3 service charge


Tina Sacchi  $20 + $3 service charge


Randi Botnick  $20 +$3 service charge


Martha Reed  $20 + $3 service charge


De Alva Ward  $20 + $3 service charge


Marci Cagen  $20 plus $3 service charge


Jere Friedman $20 + $3 service charge


Jeanette St. Germaine  $20 + $3 service charge


Kim Richardson  $20 + $3 service charge


Ellen Friedman  $20 + $3 service charge


Dr. Emil Faithe  $20 + $3 service charge


Courtney Long  $20 + $3 service charge



Terri Wallace $20 + $3 service charge


Anna Kuttner $20 + $3 service charge


Admission to the Healing Pyramid (all day) $10


 Admission to the Merkaba Chamber (1 session) $10


One day admission to the Expo (with workshop purchase) $5


One day admission to the Expo (without workshop purchase) $10


 Two Day Admission to the Expo $15



10 Responses to Journey Expo Phoenix 2017 Order Page

  1. Jay Womack says:

    Hi Clyde,
    I purchased the Platinum package on line and have on line receipt.
    Do I pick up tickets at lakeland at the time of event and do I have to reserve a seat for any of the seminars I can choose from and if I do how do I do it?
    Thanks from an old acquaintance,
    Jay Womack

  2. Jay Womack says:

    Hi Clyde,
    In regards what additional workshops I would like with my platinum purchase will be the Alicia Rocco Workshop on Friday 5-7 and the
    WAH Workshop on Sunday 2:15-4:15. Should I bring my online receipt to get my tickets when I attend?
    Jay Womack

  3. Michele says:


    Looking at the WAH concert and drum circle. They seem to overlap. Do you gave more detail please


  4. Mark Adams says:

    A few questions. Saw that people where buying”platinum” passes didn’t see them on web site. How much are they and what do they include? Is George Norie a separate fee? What day is his talk?

  5. Rhiannon Muchowski says:

    I was wondering,mod you have to buy tickets or passes in advance or can they be bought at the door? Also… I wanted to do a 45 minute gong session but will not be able to attend the 630 workshop on Friday, will that be an issue? I am really excited about the events this weekend and cannot wait to partake!


    • Clyde Chafer says:

      hi…you can buy tickets at the door…prefer if you pre purchase thou….you can do that at this website and they will be waiting for you…also, it is not an issue for you to just come to one of the gong sessions without going to the workshop. Thanks, Clyde

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