Lance Queer

“The Human Experience – The Human Potential”

Sunday from 2:15 to 2:45pm

FREE! (Must have entrance ticket to the expo)

An Experience That Changes Lives. This is an Interactive lecture. Please bring a clear mind, and an open heart. An excellent Meditation. Perceptions – Believing / Knowing –  Realize the greatest vision, of the grandest version, of who you really are. Amazing experiences of the Divine expressed and will be shared. (not healing)

Brief presentation on Divine Healing Energy – Which I have come to refer to as A Divine Download, and will be presented to a lucky attendee, or two.  A brief presentation will be given on his book ‘Outdoor Adventures’, by eliot that contains 10 stories of the Divine.

Lance Queer has had 38 jobs in his life with no degree in anything except burns and sobriety. His greatest gift to share is being able to bring healing / removal of afflictions. I did not once study, or seek to attain this gift. It found me.


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