“Seduce Your Senses Intuition Assessment”

Saturday: 3 to 3:30

FREE (with admission ticket to the Expo)

What I consider the spark of every person’s dream is intention. Intention can create the best version of ourselves in every aspect of our life – finance, spiritual awakening, or even a soulmate. This talk will explain the Seduce Your Senses Intuition Assessment™, which will reveal your natural abilities and discover where there are opportunities to grow and develop. Also, you will learn about intuition and “How“ to understand the Clair’s role and how intuition development can positively impact every facet of your life! As a Thank You for attending, you will receive a discount (coupon code) for the on-line Fundamentals Program™.

For over 25 years, Laura Michelle of Soul Sanctuary® and the Intuition Insider™ podcast, is certified as a medium, past life regressionist, crystal energy therapist, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Her life’s purpose is utilizing her gifts and abilities in the service of others. Intuitive (Psychic-Medium) since childhood, she has many abilities that have been fostered throughout the years, such as platform mediumship, medical intuition, empath, and animal communicator.


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