Living and Eating Green Mini Lectures

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Stephanie Spears

“The Future of Energy”

Friday, September 7
5:30 to 6pm
Auxiliary Gym

Free (with admission to the Expo)

Stephanie will talk about future energy choices for Ohio and the U.S., and the role renewable energy and energy efficiency can play. She’ll discuss how policy and zoning impacts these choices.  Please join Spear as she will provide an overview of the last five years on energy policy on the local, state and federal level, and include insights into what is possible for our nation.

Stefanie Penn Spear is founder, executive director and editor of EcoWatch. EcoWatch in partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance promotes the work of more than 1,000 grassroots environmental organizations worldwide through an online news service website
Spear is president of Expedite Renewable Energy, a company that develops solar and wind projects in Ohio and helps companies through the many steps of investing in renewable energy. She works on energy policy on the local, state and federal level to help transition the U.S. to relying on cleaner, renewable sources of power.


Laura Thimming

“Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive & the Prius Family of Vehicles”

Saturday, Sept. 8
11:15 to 11:45am
LEG Tent
Free (with paid admission to the Expo)

We invite you to learn about the basics of how the Hybrid Synergy Drive works to achieve superior fuel
economy and a super-ultra low emissions rating. We will look at current myths associated with Hybrid Synergy Drive and give you facts. You will see why the Toyota Prius is the bestselling Hybrid Vehicle with more than 1 million on the roadin the U.S.

Laura Thimmig, Toyota District Manager – Having graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Automotive Technology, Laura Thimmig has worked for Toyota Motor Sales for 10 years in various positions. Throughout her
career, she has seen Toyota’s Hybrid sales grow to become a core part of the company’s business model.


Sarah Von Alt

“Eating for the Planet: The Environmental Impact
of Animal Agriculture”

Sunday, Sept. 9
12:30 to 1pm
LEG Tent
Free (with paid admission to the Expo)

Did you know that according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, raising animals for food is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, trucks, and planes combined? This presentation reveals the latest science showing how our food choices can not only help prevent climate change, but also improve water quality, slow deforestation, and reduce our use of land and water. In this presentation, we cover land and water pollution, deforestation, land use, water use, efficiency of resources, including water, and grain, as well as climate change. We conclude the presentation with an emphasis on reducing our consumption
of animal products as one of the best ways to positively impact the environment.

Sarah Von Alt serves as Mercy For Animals’ Ohio Campaign Coordinator. Overseeing and coordinating statewide events and volunteers, grassroots outreach, and community building, Sarah works tirelessly to illuminate the plight of farmed animals. Sarah’s passion for activism has spanned many years and extended to various social justice and environmental advocacy organizations. In addition to coordinating grassroots outreach efforts, Sarah has assisted with lobbying, campaign strategy, and public education.

Rebecca Reynolds Wallack

“Detoxing Your Life”

Sunday, Sept. 9
3:15 to 3:45pm
LEG Tent
Free (with paid admission to the Expo)

It’s not just one thing that holds us in dis-ease, but often a whole cocktail of things keeping us down. Discover simple tips on ridding your life of hidden and not so hidden toxins. Share some laughs and let go of the tears over harmful food additives, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, VOC’s, stressful jobs,
and not so friendly people. Take a deep breath and learn how you can live your best life, Toxic Free!

Rebecca Reynolds Wallack transformed her life from one of illness to one filled with positive energy, wellness, and bliss. The Founder of Green Clean and Planet Green, Rebecca believes in creating avenues of healing in our community through helping people remove the chemicals from their lives, and replace old patterns with new healthier ways of living. A Certified Health Coach, Thai Practioner, and Raw Food Educator, Rebecca brings a full circle approach to truly living off the charts well, and loving life to it’s fullest.


Candice Berthold

“Olive Oil 101”

Sunday, Sept.9
3:40 to 4:10pm
Room Y-21
Free (with paid admission to the Expo)

In less than 30 minutes you will learn more about olive oil than you imagined possible! You will leave with enough information to decipher a label, to its true meaning; know the proper definition of the grades of olive oil (not the marketing definitions); know to use it; how to store it and its medical benefits. If you have read Tom Mueller’s book on olive oil, you will really appreciate this presentation. Do you really know where your oil came from and what is really in the container? This same class has been presented countless times to area hospitals, the American Heart Association, Wellness Spas, etc. Literature, coupons and recipes provided to attendees. Voted “Best of Cleveland” 2010 by Cleveland Magazine … attend this presentation and you will see why!

Candice Berthold – Microbiologist by education, sales and marketing professional by experience, owner of The Olive and The Grape by choice and led by passion! Other than her endless passion for olive oil and her business, The Olive and The Grape, Candice is Vice President/President Elect of the Cleveland Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier. www.


Sarah Samson

“Amazing Molecules!”

Sunday, Sept. 9
4:20 to 4:50pm
Room Y-21
Free (with paid admission to the Expo)

Sarah Samson is a seven year breast cancer survivor who chose to ignore the recommended procedures of chemo, radiation, and Tamoxifen; instead choosing to journey down a path of natural healing which gave birth to her new passion of helping people change their health for the better. She will explain the importance of Redox Signaling molecules, a miraculous science breakthrough of the century, the human race, and human history as a whole. They protect, detect, repair, and replace the body’s cells. They also accelerate the body’s own production of antioxidants, support immune system functions, and they have anti-aging properties. Sarah herself experienced life-changing results, as well as her family, friends, and clients, after discovering a supplementary source of these molecules, and is prepared to share them with you.

Sarah Samson is a mother of two and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently working as an ASEA distributor, a violin teacher, and a painter. Sarah is also a CNHP, a Certified Natural Health

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