Melissa Carey

“The Energy of YOU”

Connect with your personal energy to transform your life

Saturday from 5:45 to 6:15pm


FREE! (Must have entrance ticket to the expo)


Everything we do in life is preceded by a personal energy that manifests and motivates us. Sensing and understanding the internal energy and energetic responses that make you who you are – and which guide your daily thoughts, actions, reactions, feelings, choices and words -provides empowering tools that can help you create a more positive life experience. Staying true to our personal energy- our energy core – is also one way to accept more joy and happiness in our life.

In this workshop, you will discover:
· The way our core energy affects us and others
· Where to feel for and pinpoint your energy core
· How to find your personal energy signature and what to do with that information
· How to utilize this energy knowledge and begin to live life within the energy
· The beneficial and non-beneficial ways our personal energy changes
· The positive impact on your life that will occur with this energy awareness
· Real-life examples of how using energy-based knowledge has transformed my life and how it can benefit yours
· Techniques and suggestions for using music, art, exercise, relaxation, and other interests to find, fix and flourish within your core energy

No energy work or previous knowledge necessary. However, those who are already working “within the energy” will find useful ideas and tips to take and make your own. Presentation will be followed by Q and A and group discussion.

Melissa Carey was born an empath and intuitive, always navigating the world a little differently. She has also known the calling, since around the age of 5 or 6, that she was meant to heal those who come to her.

Melissa has have been mentored over the last twenty-plus years in several levels of intuitive, spiritual and psychic development and energy healing. Having  completed Reiki Master Practitioner training she is now currently working on the Master Teacher level. Her deep connection with animals has led her to train in Reiki for animals and pets.

She also works with libraries and community organizations to provide Journaling Workshops for youth and teens. Learning the power and satisfaction in keeping life journals and dream journals is an important part of bringing our path into focus.

Contact Melissa for more information or clarification on what she does and how it may help you or your organization. Phone: 724-777-9969.


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