Sonja Grace

Saturday, February 17

(Ticket info soon)

The Future of Humans on Earth

As this phase of humanity comes to a close – we are in the great train station in the cosmos getting ready to transition. Never before has our past been so important to our future here on Earth. Star beings are being born, some their first time to Earth and others returning from the time of Atlantis and Lumeria. Sonja Grace, the well-known author of ‘Spirit Traveler’ shares her incredible understanding of dimensions, realms and history. In this keynote lecture, Sonja will discuss her amazing findings at what is considered to be the world’s first temple, Golbekli Tepe. She will reveal the signs placed there by our predecessors to warn those in the future. Then Sonja will connect the dots between Chaco Canyon and the race of ancient beings known as the Savrock. Finally, she will talk about the race of giants who lived on Earth before the time of Atlantis and Lumeria who brought the technology of the pyramids to the Egyptians. Join her for this enlightening experiencing and learn the truth of the ancient past.




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