The Journey Expo Pittsburgh 2018 Order Page

IMPORTANT: All tickets must be picked up at the Expo box office on the day of the Expo. Look for the sign that says Will Call.

All tickets to individual events have a $3 processing fee per ticket which will be added to the cart. This fee does not apply to day passes.

The Expo is on the following dates:

* Saturday, September 29  from 11am to 5pm

* Sunday, September 30 from 11am to 5pm

One day and two day passes include entrance to the vendor area and all the mini lectures


One-day Admission Pass to Vendor area
(must buy with purchase of a Workshop)

Two-day Admission Pass to Vendor area
(must buy with purchase of a Workshop)

Carole Obley – “Messages from the Other Side” (Gallery Readings)
Saturday, Sept. 29  from  1-2:30pm (price will be $30 the day of)


Single Session in the Merkaba Chamber

Unlimited Sessions in the Merkaba Chamber


18 Responses to The Journey Expo Pittsburgh 2018 Order Page

  1. Rob Apel says:

    OK. Found it by going thorugh Psalms site. Am I to understand that getting a workshop will also admit me to the vendor area? I just want to make sure before I purchase so I know if I need to buy both or just one.



  2. michael furman says:

    If I want to attend a mini-lecture, do i still need to buy a $30 ticket?

  3. Christine Hosie says:

    Can I purchase a ticket there, day of the event?

  4. Julie says:


    I am just interested in attending Dominique’s talk on Saturday from 3-4… which ticket do I need to buy?

  5. sue says:

    I just want a one day pass and there is no order button next to that option. Am I able to get the one day general admission?

  6. Frank says:

    As it is 4/23/12, the site says I must pick up my ticket for Psalm Isadora’s workshop and vendor area at the “Expo Box Office”…where would that be? Thanks!

  7. Tracy Walsh says:

    I just ordered 3 passes, do I pick those up at the Expo box office or are they sent me ?

  8. Lucy Fitzgerald says:

    I ordered a one day pass on April 13th but I never received it.

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  10. Lucy Fitzgerald says:

    I did not get a receipt either. The only thing I have is that it was charged to my bill me later account. Is that enough?

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