~ OSHO ~

~ OSHO ~

What you have seen today is…..

the first glimpse, which has put you on a crossroads. You can still go astray, the other roads are still available. Now be careful. What has caused it is going deeper, so go on, deeper and deeper and deeper. Never stop before you yourself become the depth, just an empty abyss.

 That is the time when spring comes to your being. You will realize it then, that you have not achieved anything; it is just like remembering something you have forgotten. It has always been there, so it is not something new that you have achieved. It is something that you have forgotten so long ago that you don’t have any idea when you forgot it. Now you have remembered.

The moment your enlightenment becomes just a remembrance, it becomes your very breathing, it becomes your very heartbeat. Then you don’t need any meditation. Then your whole life is meditation. Without any effort, effortlessly, you are a buddha. If there is any effort, that means something is missing. When the buddha is natural, you are a buddha even in your sleep. Waking, working, whatever you do – your fragrance of buddhahood will be there around you.

But this will happen only when you have reached to the ultimate depth and the realization is not taken as an achievement but only as a remembrance. So don’t start bragging about it, because it is not an achievement – what is there to brag about? You simply drown yourself into this new, abandoned, forgotten space, which is your very being.

And millions of things are going to happen, but you are not the doer. They will be simply happening because your presence has reached such depths. When your witnessing has reached to the ultimate depth, flowers will start blossoming, lotuses will open – a dawn has come to you, you are reborn. You were dead, now you are alive. A new life spreads all over you and brings great beauty and truth and grace…


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