Words of Truth

Words of Truth
 by Sohini Striuli
My Soul Contract of Darkness
I signed up for it.
It’s no coincidence that I have an affinity to addiction as we like to call it or agree to be labeled by it.
Personally I don’t like the energy of the word which I won’t go into because I could write another entire post on it.
I just don’t like labels in general and some can be dangerous and steal your fire. The dark side of us is always in competition for the most attention both are hungry. Feeding the dark or wounded part can feel amazing as you plummet to death or rebirth.
I rebirthed many times – for my education and path. But for others on the outside I was killing my self or should be doing other things. No I was supposed to do EXACTLY that!
No one on this planet that gets high or alters there current state to release dopamine and endorphins feels awful.
No they feel really good and frankly the more dangerous the better you feel.
I understood at a very young age i was drawn to drugs or anything extreme. I literally would do anything that made me feel good, numb or laugh – whether it was jumping out of airplanes or mixing ecstasy with shrooms – I did it. A good part of me was really trying to have fun the not so good part of me played with fire – a fire that I knew filled an empty void which was my contract to rebirth.
That empty void.
I don’t have an answer to whether my Soul had a contract from the previous life or whether it the void developed from my childhood. It really doesn’t matter.
Because it was a blessing either way.
I knew I had more emptiness than my friends around me and I don’t say that with a badge of honor.
I knew I was given bitter medicine that would allow me to not only heal but this would be my calling to help others.
I knew I was a teacher and a guide – I knew it because earlier on I felt, smelled and tasted that burning desire to pull others out of this nightmare that I was in.
I knew it could be done through My connection with Great Spirit / God whatever word you pick – it reallly doesn’t matter – but I knew it was a Spiritual Healing that needed to take place.
I knew years of an eating disorder.
I knew years of Narcissistic abuse.
I knew years of toxic relationships.
I knew years of substance abuse.
I knew years of co-dependency.
I knew years of bandaids and bandaids.
I knew years of filling that void was a blessing.
I knew years of being told I was damaged and needed to be on medicine for the rest of my life was a Blessing.
I knew the therapists and doctors that told me to take this pill didn’t know – I just needed to learn self-love. They didn’t know about the Soul or what God was putting me through. They followed orders and read a book and distributed more drugs – If only they gave me a hug.
You see my Soul in coordination with God had contracts with these difficult lessons that could have destroyed me – but I never was supposed too. I am a teacher and a guide. I knew it then and still know it now.
I couldn’t have gone to school and read some books to help people – but
We all know experience is the greatest source of knowledge- I needed to live, breath and feel the wrath of this darkness and only then could I help others.
I have been blessed – I stand in my power.
I am here for anyone that needs support in finding their way to empowerment and healing.
You can do it.
❤️Sohini – LiveWell
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