Words of Truth

Words of Truth
 The Path by Sohini Striuli

To walk the Path of Spirit
Is to walk the Path of Freedom

Free of the limiting beliefs rooted in fear.

A language the Body feels as contraction
The Mind knows as resistance
The Ego feels as death
The Soul a rebirth

To walk the Path of Spirit
Is to die while alive.

The walls of protection will crumble.

People in your life that hold up the mirrors of who you think you are will shake your foundation.

You will start to reject the reflection.

You will not be able to justify old ways of behaviors.

You will not be able to respond in the usual ways you are accustomed to.

You will not be able to hold a smile or sneak in an excuse that you were once in energetic agreement with.

The masks will fall no matter how hard you try to save face.

You will rebel.

You will snap.

You will cry and try to old on.

You will try to get a new hair cut or change your room – it won’t cut it.

You will eventually surrender to the vibrational integrity you have been creating all along.

Because the Soul on the Path will ripen from the sun the more you expose yourself to the light of Love – the ultimate energy of the GREAT SPIRIT / GOD.

Self-love actually is taking full responsibility of ownership that you walk the PATH OF INTEGRITY / GOD.

Your relationships family, friends and lovers will inevitably change for good.
Your food will inevitably change for good.
Your style will inevitably change for good.
Your speech will inevitably change for good.
Your mindset will inevitably change for good.

Everything you once accepted and tolerated and digested will not be able to go down the same way.

It’s hard but inevitable.

Fear will be exposed to you and will be asked to leave the density of your body.

Fear will come from all directions.

Fear will be your teacher.

Fear will be perceived as a threat to your survival and will cause pain and conflict.

An extreme dose of fear will be what is called an “ego death” – a completely devastating difficult scary process that will cause Liberation! A major disruption to the identification of the ego – something to expect when on Path.

To walk the path of Spirit is to walk the path of Courage to confront this.

The most important things to ever remember is:

Are you being led towards Spirit or away from Spirit?

Or same question in a different way:

Are you being led towards expansion or contraction?
Are you being led towards curiosity to disregard?
Are you being led towards love or fear?

The path of Spirt is not for the weak but for the brave– because it will kill every part of you that clings to security – fear based narratives and beliefs that keep you in suffering.

The path of Spirt is liberation – Moksha.

Life times of people who live inside you within your karmic code patterns are constantly knocking at the doors of your hearts trying to free your blockages.

That knocking can hurt when you don’t listen.

To walk the true path of spirit is to walk the path of courage alongside Jesus Christ, every animal and human killed and prosecuted without regard of the sacred of life, all the outcasts, black sheep, the slaves and the condemned, the gays and genders shunned from anti-love, every shaman medicine man or woman trying to awaken the Souls of the lost. To retrieve you back home.

If you are on the path I honor your soul – you are walking the hardest path and the most honorable.

Own your walk.
It’s hard – find your tribe.
Don’t give up your voice and heart.

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