Living and Eating Green Expo 2015


Living and Eating Green Expo 2015

Saturday, July 25 (10 to 5pm)

Soergel Orchards  (Directions Here)

2573 Brandt School Road
Wexford, PA 15090

Many vendors representing the various facets of living a healthy lifestyle such as; nutrition, eco living, and sustainability will be there to give you information to increase your knowledge and will also have products.

The Living and Eating Green Expo will also feature workshops and free mini-lectures to help spark some seeds to enhance your health and the health of the planet.


Naturally Soergel’s – Natural Food and Health Products

The V GUIDE  – Vegan and Vegetarian Resource Guide for Pittsburgh and Beyond

Flaska – Reusable Glass Water Bottles

Ascension with Kristi Jo – Energy Bodyworker

Green Mountain Energy – Eco Friendly Energy Source

Fresh from the Farm Juices – Cold Pressed Juices

Yvonne Phillips – Feng Shui

OMA Center – Mind, Body and Spirit Holistic Wellness and Lecture Series

Juice Plus+ – Whole Food Nutrition

Red Lotus Foods – Artisan Vegan Spreads

Jasa Johnson – Shamanic Minister and Healer

1944 Vegan Skincare – Homemade Natural, Organic, Vegan Skincare

Virtual Scanning Scientific Energy Rx – Holistic Services

Fortuitea Cafe – Vegan Food


The Chakra Diet for Energy Balance    (11 to 11:30)

with Lela Covey, CWC, CHE

Everything you put in your body either strengthens your aura or weakens it — what you eat today affects your mood, energy and balance tomorrow. The good news is that your energy can improve – quickly – if you start implementing the Chakra diet. Our society depends upon medication to get well, but medicine doesn’t heal – food does. Food should be our medicine.Go to the garden to get well, not the doctor!

Lela is a former international top model and fitness trainer from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a certified nutritional consultant, health educator and plant-based chef. She is the author of “Journey to Health: Five Steps to an Optimum Diet.”


Open Doors of Energy with Feng Shui    (11:45 to 12:15)

with Yvonne Phillips FSII

Yvonne will share with you a basic understanding of FS and give you the tips on how to rock the energy in your home.  Once you get the understanding of how to shift your energy, you will be surprised how quickly your goals are achieved.

Yvonne Phillips is an innovative Feng Shui color and design consultant, author, speaker and featured media guest. As a 20-plus-year Feng Shui advisor and educator, she is a veritable font of knowledge and coaches her clients on how to reach balance in their daily lives.


Access  Consciousness® & The Bars     (12:30 to 1)

with Kristi Coleman, M.Ed, Yoga Instructor, Access Bars Practitioner & Class Facilitator

“All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory” ® is our mantra. Access  Consciousness®  is a set of processes and tools that facilitate expanding consciousness. The Access Bars include 32 points on the head that when gently touch can help facilitate change in all areas of your life. Brain waves actually slow down and become more spherical allowing for behavioral patterns & belief systems to change thus creating greater possibility in one’s life to experience more joy and ease.  Another important aspect of Access  Consciousness® is Being the question— a question changes the energy of any situation. Have you noticed that when you ask a question a different possibility open up?  What are the infinite possibilities? Please come hear how you can learn these very simple & effective tools to create more ease in your life and in your body.

Kristi blends her training in yoga, breath work, Access  Consciousness®, sound & vibrational healing and meditation to create a dynamic healing experience she calls Ascension. Kristi has been teaching yoga since 2010 and holds a master’s degree in Counselor Education.  Having an interest in movement, she studied dance along with Secondary Education during her undergraduate work at Point Park College.  In 2013, she began her training in Access Consciousness ® and is a Practitioner of The Bars as well as a Bars Course Facilitator. Kristi enjoys working with energy and helping people create more joy in their lives by getting in touch with one’s body. To find out more about Kristi please visit or contact her at


The Other Side Of The Window    (1:15 to 1:45)

with Jasa Johnson

In life, people generally spend time viewing the world only through the lenses of their own eyes and experiences. When a person chooses to alter their viewpoint, this shift in ones lensing can begin assisting in finding ways to access other unique sources of information. This shift can hold insights that can open the inner doorways to increased inner power for personal transformation. The “Other Side Of The Window” is a brief introduction into how to begin intentionally shifting your perspective to one that is more “Shamanic” and “Non-Ordinary” in nature.

Jasa Johnson is a Shamanic Minister, Shamanic Priestess and Energy Healer. She is also a Certified Coach with the Life Mastery Institute. For more than 30 years, she has traveled and trained with healers and teachers all over the world. From Reiki to Living Ritual, she blends many healing pathways for transformative healing. With this multi-module approach to working with clients, Jasa can & does create unique healing/coaching sessions for each person. She can be reached at


Learn About Virtual Scanning     (2 to 2:30)

with Dr. Julian Metier

Virtual Scanning (VS) is a break through Health and Wellness system developed in Russia. Using an innovative color perception test the VS system creates a map of the autonomic nervous system and measures distress signals passing between the brain and body organs. VS is extremely reliable and works with uncanny accuracy in finding dis-ease conditions affecting affecting the body. Research has shown VS correlates at an 80% level with traditional medical tests. The VS system then creates a unique personalized light therapy application which is loaded onto the client’s home computer. When used on a daily basis this program is 93% effective in resolving many of the core issues that affect both physical and emotional health and well being. Special programs address weight control, longevity, restoration of health sexual functioning and recovery from trauma/illness

Dr. Metier has been working in the field of holistic health for 21 years. His primary focus is combining technically based energy modalities like the Ondamed and Virtual Scanning with hands on therapeutic body work and naturalistic hypnotherapy to empower health and inner development. He can be reached at 814-880-2934 or by e mail at

Intro to Permaculture and Forest Gardening     (2:45 to 3:15)

with Elizabeth Lynch

If you love sustainability and common sense, then you will love permaculture! In this intro, you will get a sense of what permaculture is all about – shifting our perspectives and shifting our culture into a healthy and balanced way of being. Learn what a forest garden is and how to mimic the way that nature is able to thrive and produce abundance with no intervention or work from us. Learn about the endless possibilities of delicious fruits and berries that can be grown here and how the diversity of relationships between plants is what really makes a system flourish.

Elizabeth was trained as a wildlife biologist and has spent most of her life hiking through the woods and foraging wild edibles. She has been teaching about sustainability for over 12 years and co-teaching permaculture courses for the past few years with Darrell Frey of Three Sisters Farm. She holds certificates in Permaculture Design, Teaching Permaculture Creatively, and Forest Garden Design. Her interests include intentional communities, non-violent communication, and anything outside!  She can be reached at




Saturday, July 25   10 to 5pm


Limited vendor space available

Click Here for Application

please call or Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392



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