“Science of Health – Energy of Life”


Saturday: 2:30 to 3

FREE (with admission ticket to the Expo)

During her talk Dr.Monika is going to discuss the role of chronic inflammation on the human system.

Inflammation is a result of maladaptive personal responses to stress.

Chronic stress physical, mental or emotional results in impaired hormonal responses such as decreased thyroid, adrenal, or sexual function, chronic pain, weight gain, unrestorative sleep and decreased absorption of essential for health nutrients.

During lecture you will learn what to eat and how to build personal Resilience.

Dr.Monika Juszczyk graduated from Academy of Medicine, Wroclaw, Poland. She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Functional, Regenerative and Anti-Aging, Medicine, completed Preventive Cardiology Fellowship at University of Connecticut, is trained in Cardiometabolic and Nutritional Health.


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