Rate Card (for Magazine or Expo Programs)

4x (per issue)
2x (per issue)
Business Card $100 $110 $120
1/4 Page $180 $185 $190
1/2 Page $300 $315 $330
Full Page $425 $475 $500
Inside Cover (front or back, color) $525 $575 $625
Back Cover (color) $650 $700 $800

Color Available – Add 20% for color

To Advertise, please call:

Clyde Chafer440-223-1392 email: clydechafer@yahoo.com

To pay online, click “Pay Now” below and enter the correct amount.

This is for magazine ads, program guide ads or Expo booth fees:


All prices are for camera ready ads.

Camera-ready ads must be submitted as a high resolution jpg or pdf. All files must be created at 300 dpi and in CMYK.

$45 minimum setup fee for any ads that are not camera ready.

Copy is due on:

December 1 for the January thru March issue (winter)

March 1 for the April thru June issue (spring)

June 1 for the July thru September issue (summer)

September 1 for the October thru December issue (fall)

Inserts are available. Please call for details/pricing.

Please send your ad to: ads@thejourneymag.com

Please send your check to:

The Journey
7231 Hopkins Rd.
Mentor, Ohio 44004

Ad Size Width Height
Full Page 7-3/8” 9-3/4”
1/2 Vertical 3-9/16” 9-3/4”
1/2 Horizontal 7-3/8” 4-3/4”
1/4 Vertical 3-9/16” 4-3/4”
1/4 Horizontal 7-3/8” 2-1/4”
Business Card 3-9/16” 2”
Please keep ads within these sizes.


Please call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392 for details


7 Responses to Rate Card (for Magazine or Expo Programs)

  1. Cathie Drumm says:

    Hi. I emailed Clyde that I would like to take out an ad for the Professionals at your Service for the Jan/Feb issue.
    When do I need my photo/copy in by?
    Is there a discount for first time ads?
    I believe it is $125.00 for 75 words.


    Cathie Drumm
    The Mind Body Sanctuary

  2. Debora says:

    I am interested in placing a Professionals At Your Service – ($125 per issue)ad. Please email me more info on what type of ad this is and how I go about placing my ad. Also, I would like to see what these ads look like in the magazine – can you tell me where about they are placed.

    Thank you,


  3. Melanie says:

    Hi Clyde,

    Do you offer discounts for ads for non-profits? I’m a chair for Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day and we were thinking of placing an ad in your program. Thanks!

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