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Our desire is to inspire, enlighten and motivate as we journey together through this human experience towards enlightenment.

Clyde Chafer, Publisher

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21 Responses to About

  1. chrissy niehaus says:


    I am a Journalism major at Cleveland State University currently in my junior year. I am also the Managing Editor of our arts and culture magazine, The Vindicator.

    I was actually wondering if you are currently offering any internships for the upcoming months or the months after Christmas.

    Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

    Chrissy Niehaus

  2. Barbara Brown says:

    I have 4o yrs. of study and practice of Astrology and I hate to be ‘nit’picking’, but in the spirit of teaching.. the elements on the right of your website should go in the correct order.. which is Fire, Earth, Air and Water….. not Earth, Fire, Water and Air. There is a logical reason for this. Folks should learn the right progression .

  3. Clyde Chafer says:

    Hi Barbara, there are also reasons why they are in the order they are in….please come to the meeting on Sunday, Nov. 21 10:30am at Studio Oxygen in Canfield, Ohio if you would like to learn more. Perhaps you would like to do the training. Clyde

  4. Clyde Chafer says:

    Hi Chrissy, thank you for your interest. Yes, we do have non paying internships available at The Journey….best to contact me at 440-223-1392…thanks again, Clyde

  5. Eliza Kaminski says:

    Dear Clyde,

    For many years I have been trying to understand the realms of the unknown. Once I stepped foot into your studio – Karma Yoga – on east 9th many moons ago, I started to unveil the mysteries that were unknown into the known. No matter the intricate difficulties of life, you just have to trust what lays ahead for what is known for you. Thank you for continuing the truth of yoga:) I am so excited you updated your website, it is ” Absolutely Fabulous!”


    Eliza Kaminski

  6. chrissy sivori says:

    Clyde, I absolutely love the new website:) It looks great:) The information is very detailed and I enjoy reading the articals as well- Thanks

  7. Clyde Chafer says:

    thanks Eliza…you have always been such a willing student….the teacher is within….

  8. Clyde N Chafer says:

    thank you Chrissy….. our hope is that many people will find seeds within the site to help in their individual gardens of life.

  9. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Hello Clyde,

    I would love to attend the journey seminar in Cleveland with my daughter and would love to hear about the “non paying” internship. How do you qualify. Please advise.

    Love & Light,

  10. Clyde Chafer says:

    Hi, Thank you for your interest. Best to call me at my cell phone number 440-223-1392.

  11. Gina Mazza says:

    Hi Clyde – where can I find your magazine in the Pittsburgh area? Gina

  12. Gina Mazza says:

    Hi Clyde, where can I find your magazine around the Pittsburgh area? Gina

  13. Clyde Chafer says:

    Hi Gina, thank you for your interest. Where in Pittsburgh are you?

  14. Tia Greno says:

    Hi Clyde,
    I love your magazine. I have been in self development since 1999 however, have just , in the last 2 years,entered the world of what it is to be enlightened though the Avatar tools. This, in turn has brought me to the world of yoga, raw foods, holistic healing and more. I am actually able to sit in meditation!
    We all enter as our consciousness allows.
    I am interested in working to expand your magazine in the Buffalo, Toronto area. Please tell me wht is involved.
    Thank you for your good work. Namaste, Tia

  15. Clyde Chafer says:

    Hi…thank you for your kind words. Best to call me at 44-223-1392

  16. Jon says:

    The site states that the magazine is now being distributed in Erie, but I cannot find it. Could you post a listing of locations where we can get it? I’m sure readers in all cities would appreciate it.

  17. Clyde Chafer says:

    Hi Jon, we do have some at the Whole Foods Coop in Erie. We did have a rack there, but they stuck it in the back – so we removed it…..you will find them to the right in the corner as you walk in. It is also at Grasshopper New Age Store and the Herb shop next to it. Also, down by Presque Isle the Coffee Shop on the right just as you get on the pennisula …there is a natural food grocer that carries it near Presque Isle – can’t think of their name though…thank you for your interest!

  18. Debra Lee Meese says:

    Hi, Clyde!

    I love your new website and especially the pdf of The Journey. I am going to send the link to your site to my friends and co-workers.

    Great job, brother!


    P.S. I have been doing the 5 Tibetan rites routine most mornings and what a difference it is making. I feel very positive afterwards not to mention…I can feel my core and arms getting toned.

  19. Clyde Chafer says:

    Glad you like it…..send it to your boss and maybe he will change his mind about me teaching yoga there….:)

  20. Tumbleweed says:

    I live in Geneva on the Lake Ohio, where can I pick up this publication?

    Erie is a bit of a drive but would like to check it out.


  21. Angie says:

    I’m interested in applying for the 2014 journey events. Is there a list if dates or other information available?