The Psychic & Healing Guide

Your resource guide to finding the perfect guide!


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   The Psychic & Healing Guide is an in-depth resource guide for those wishing to expand their client list. With this being a time of such great change, many people are searching for direction. Here is an opportunity to find your or BE the guide. The Psychic and Healing Guide can be found online on this site.

The Psychic & Healing Guide is open to people and organizations such as:

* Psychics
* Mediums
* Astrology
* Numerology
* Akashic Records
* Medical Intuitives
* Past Life Readings
* Healing Modalities
* Pet Communicators

* Tarot Card Readings
* Spiritual Counseling
* Spiritualist Churches
* Holistic Health Coaching
* Businesses and Organizations
* Psychic Fairs, Events and Expos

Each online ad lasts 6 months and you only pay one time for your ad! This will give you an extended exposure time without having to pay for advertising to keep your ad going.

Your online ad will link directly to your on website. If you do not have a website, you can put in your Facebook page, phone number or other contact info. More exposure to an unlimited number of people around the world!

Here is a link to the online ads: The Psychic and Healing Guide Online Listings

A lot of advertising for your money!

Rates for The PSYCHIC & HEALING GUIDE Online Listings and Ads

1 Listing for 6 months – $85 …… 2 Listings for 1 year – $150

2 Listings for 6 months – $150…. 2 Listings for 1 year – $225

Each listing is 45 words (not including name and contact information) and a picture or logo

Please feel free to call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392 with any questions

Payment for ads can be made by Paypal or calling Clyde with your credit card number. You can click the secured button below for Paypal.

 For more information, please call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392


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