The Journey Psychic & Healing Fair – Pittsburgh

Sunday – June 16

10am to 4pm

Ruckus Coffee Gallery and Cafe

1707 Babcock Blvd. (Between Millvale and Ross Twp.)

Pittsburgh, PA 15209


The Journey Psychic & Healing Fair began in 1999 and has been serving people every other month without interruption. Our mission  is to help people find guidance and inspiration in their own personal path.




Come get a reading to help you
transition into the SUMMER!!


Astrology, Mediums, Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Spiritual Coaches, Animal Communicator, Past Lives, Psychics, Energy and Bodyworkers, Vendors!




Christine Whispell

We are all creative beings.
moxie DaDA helps clients unlock their creative identity with mindfulness, artful interiors and alternative healing therapies. By utilizing their self care tools and products, you will enjoy a more intentional, healthful life. Products include handmade bath teas, candles, journals, intuitive guidance, mindful charms, intentional jewelry, and crystals. They offer gift cards for private Reiki sessions and workshops.


Annette Kline – Intuitive Tarot Reader

Annette is an independent artist and an intuitive tarot reader. In 2012 she began learning all she could about the craft. She has completed the Intuitive Tarot course by Gina Spriggs as well as the Intuitive Tarot Master Class by Linda Rauch. As for her technique, she calls on her Angels and Spirit Guides to communicate with your Angels and spirit Guides to bring forth any messages that you need to hear.


Mary Ann Brown – Energy Work

Master of rewiring subconscious beliefs and extensive training in energetic healing techniques, Mary Ann brings a powerful approach to holistic healing. Utilizing acupressure and energetic clearing, her techniques promote relaxation, reduction of pain, stress, and anxiety. This yields restoration of flow, higher vibrations, and positive desires. For more info visit my website or schedule a call



Keystone Cultures

The modern world is hostile to microbial life, particularly to the microbes in your gut. When your gut isn’t diversely populated with these essential, tiny partners, everything from digestion & immune response, to mental clarity & emotional resilience function sub-optimally. We grow refreshing, living beverages so you have delicious & easy ways to support the microbial ecosystem of your gut!






AJsTwistedTreasures has a variety of handcrafted metaphysical and gift items. Copper,crystal and leather jewelry. Protection bells. Smudging feathers. Crossbody bags, zipper pouches, leather drawstring bags and more.



Kristi Coleman – Access Bars

The Access Bars include 32 points on the head that when gently touch can help facilitate change in all areas of your life. Brain waves slow down and become more spherical allowing for behavioral patterns & belief systems to change thus creating greater possibility in one’s life to experience more joy and ease. Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being? If you get a yes, why not, get your Bars run today!



Jasa Johnson

What creates change?  Unwavering passion. To live a bold, authentic life takes courage and a refusal to back away.  If you’re ready to shine your “light”, I’ll help you find your way. Jasa Johnson, Healer, Priestess, Minister, Life Coach and “Provocateur of Souls”., 559-307-6501



Tarot With Tatiara

Nicki Ojeda (Tatiara) has been a past life and tarot reader for 35 years. Through her highly sought after readings, she has helped people all over the world have a better relationship to their inner realms, their unique energy, and their special magic. Find out more about Tatiara here:



Rachel Kozura – Astrology

Creator of the website and blog Rachel started studying Astrology when she was 14. Having a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Nursing. Combining her expertise in Astrology and education in Psychology as well as in Nursing, to help others. We are so much more than just our Sun Sign! Let her show you!


Sarah Buss – Tarot


Step into the mystical world with Sarah Buss’s intuitive tarot card readings and medium sessions! She blends ancient wisdom with modern insights to guide you on your spiritual journey. With years of experience, she offers clarity, validation, and healing through the cards and mediumship. Explore the unseen realms together and uncover the answers you seek. Visit her  for an unforgettable experience!


Erica Crystol

Owner of CrystolClear Naturals, LLC. Providing services, retail and events around the Pittsburgh area, Ohio and beyond. Over 10 years of experience specializing in customizable offerings that incorporate the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Readings include a mix of cards, crystals and pendulum for a truly unique and insightful encounter. 
Follow her journey or bring her to you! 412-897-0361


Wild Child Moon Tarot

Samantha knew very early she had special gifts and wanted to help people! Since 2017 she has done over 5000 readings, specializing in love and finance . She has gained a popular following on her Tik Tok and Instagram pages: Wildchildmoontarot. Those looking for answers and looking to book a reading please contact – with your information and she will get back to you within 24 hours!


2024 UPCOMING PSYCHIC & HEALING FAIRS AT RUCKUS (all Fairs are 10 to 4pm):

June 16

August 11

October 20

December 1


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