Come find and experience your blissful path to
re-discovering the essence of who you are, releasing
and letting go of those toxic bindings that hold you back

Through the use of
* Access Consciousness® (click here for info)
* Essential Oils
* Ionic Foot Baths
* InfraRed Sauna
* Hemi-Sync Meditations
* Merkaba Meditation
* Private and Group Yoga Instruction and Meditation
* AromaTouch® Technique

Kristi Jo – 412.716.2191
Rishi – 440.223.1392

AscenTion with Kristi Jo: Upcoming Classes:

Access Energetic Facelift on July 10 in Mentor, Oh.

Click here for Access facelift information

Learn the amazing tool of The Bars-

Click here for Access Bars Class Information

Coming Soon

Click here for Access Bars Class Information

Please call Kristi for more information or to schedule an individual session:


There are two things that will change anything in your life, choice and Access Bars. Discover the simple body process that is changing the world.

What change can we create for you and your body?

Upcoming Classes



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