The Journey Psychic & Healing Fair

The Journey  Psychic & Healing Fair

Friday & Saturday – November 10, 11

(1 to 9 – Friday and 11 to 5 Saturday)

The Residence Inn

5660 Emerald Ct.

Mentor, Ohio 44060


The Journey Psychic & Healing Fair began in 1999 and has been serving people every other month without interruption. Our mission  is to help people find guidance and inspiration in their own personal path.




Come get a reading to help you
transition into Summer!


Astrology, Mediums, Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Spiritual Coaches, Animal Communicator, Past Lives, Psychics, Energy and Bodyworkers, Vendors!

Theresa ManjesAstrology

Chart your course with Theresa, the foremost Astrologer in Northern Ohio. Many years of experience and well known throughout the area. Also, an intuitive and does palm readings.



Rev. Betty DemchakMedium, Psychic, Angel Cards

A medium, trained/ordained with Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY., Betty has appeared on television and radio. She was a part of “Psychic Thursdays” with Rev. Tim Brainard for over 10 years. Excellent reader, teacher, speaker and does individual, group and private phone readings. 440-734-0019 (Friday only)



Gae Heaven – Tarot

35 years Reading Experience in Cleveland & Boca Raton. Journey Work with  Peruvian & Mexican Shamans, Ten Years of Kabbalah Studies.



Angie Agnoni – Intuitive Astrologer, Tarot Reader

Angie is a consulting and teaching astrologer who graduated from the International Academy of Astrology in 2017 and serves as Vice President of Lake County Astrological Association. Angie can read for you to interpret your unique personalized birth chart. She can help peel back the layers so you can discover insights into your talents, gifts, and abilities in order to encourage you to walk a more empowered path in life. More information can be found on her website 


Irene Achelois Intuitive, Medium

Irene is a scientist with over twenty years of experience. She applies her analytical background to the exploration and investigation of the paranormal and spirit guidance.  She uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient abilities to communicate with the other side. In addition, she combines oracle cards as an aid to share messages of love, guidance, and healing from beyond the veil. To schedule a reading please visit


Amy Mehler

Amy’s readings focus on the soul’s journey by accessing the Akashic Records. An individual’s karma, current blocks to empowerment, and suggestions on how to overcome the blocks will be identified. Loved ones who have passed often come through with helpful advice. Insight will also be provided for any questions you have about your life and the people in it.  (206) 351-3898   (After 4:30 on Friday)


Michael Matrone III – Intuitive, Tarot Reader

Michael is a Tarot reader, Cartomancer, Palmist, Dream Interpreter, and Diviner with 30 years of experience. A professional reader and teacher with clients located around the world, he consults for individuals and groups in both public and private settings. He is also an ordained priest in multiple spiritual traditions and is available for spiritual services and consultations.


Carol Miller – Medium, Intuitive

April Sunshine Spiritual Readings and Healing. A medium reading is to connect people with their dear loved ones in spirit to bring comfort, healing, understanding and joy through messages from those in spirit. Carol completed a mediumship training with The Trilogy Institute in Lily Dale New York. Having served over a 100 out-door services as a visiting medium at Lily Dale. She has a professional background is in clinical counseling, and brings this sensitivity to her mediumship.







Mary Schrad

Mary is introducing Super Patch which is FDA registered technology originating from Voxx Life.  No drugs or chemicals.  Each patch has a tactile pattern specific to what the body requires.  Skin receptor to brain. Come pre & post test or sample patches for pain, sleep, cognitive decline, weight loss, stress, balance, inflammation, strength, improve immune system, ADHD, or invite Joy!  What all is possible with Super Patch?        440.319.1039



Jennifer Channing – Young Living Essential Oils

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist offering aromatherapy consultations, Raindrop Technique, essential oils, homemade products and more! Come learn about living a toxin free lifestyle with essential oils and other YL products!
Jennifer Channing CCAP 440-591-3257


The Crystal Spirit Society

The Crystal Spirit Society thrives to provide a wide variety of crystals, each with their own healing abilities for the mind, body and soul. We provide raw, covalent, ionic, metallic and molecular. We offer a large variety of aura, tumbles, spheres, palms, towers, obelisks, animal carvings, lamps and more! Come hand pick from our stunning array of jewelry, allowing you to carry your favorite crystals wherever you go! ! Come join and like us at Facebook: or call Kristen for information: 440-318-4869




Smyles Touch

Edmund is the owner of Smyle’s Touch. He has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 10 years and certified Usui Reiki Practitioner for 2 years. His goal is to inspire all through therapeutic touch and energy healing; to assist your mind, body, and soul in returning to its natural symmetry of inner peace. 
“Peace At Its Best”
(216) 849-1079     


Ulia Fisher, PhD, Access Consciousness Bars (BP), Reiki Master

 Dr. Ulia Fisher is a mental health therapist and provider of Access Bars and Reiki healing practices. Her goal is to restore the mind and the body’s natural healing abilities. Access Bars is an evidence-based practice, shown to improve depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms, unhealthy behaviors and distorted perceptions. Reiki is Japanese energy tool, which infuses the body with intelligent energy to relax and restore its functioning.

Alexander Fox

Alexander is an International Reiki Master. He has aided thousands of people across the world through various stages of human life. While also being a gifted Psychic and Medium, Alexander brings forth a divine spirit that shines through the darkest of times. He splits his time between Cleveland, Ohio and Austin, Texas. 


Please feel free to call the week of each fair to see which readers will be sharing their wisdom.


Dates for 2023 Psychic & Healing Fairs

Mentor Ohio

(all at the Residence Inn Mentor Ohio)

November 10, 11

Dates for 2024 Psychic & Healing Fairs

Mentor Ohio

(all at the Residence Inn Mentor Ohio)

January 19, 20

March 8, 9
May 10, 11
July 12, 13
September 13, 14
November 8, 9


PLEASE CALL  CLYDE AT 440-223-1392

Accommodation requests need to be in writing and must be made at least 10 days in advance. 


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