Akashic Records:


jb1My Heart Leads 

Are you in search of soul healing? Seeking guidance to understand your true purpose? Gain a deeper understanding of the issues and identify blocks holding you back with an Akashic Record Consultation.  Readings in person or virtual connection. Julie Barr www.myheartleads.com or (803) 351-6922


Stephanie Charles

Akashic Records Consultant and teacher, Intuitive and Medium. Has 10 years of experience working in the Akashic Records as well as teaching others. Available for readings, events and workshops. Visit www.symmetryof8.wordpress.com or call 724-799-4200


irina_Irina Grundler

Utilizing vibrational frequencies of the Akashic Records in helping spiritual open-minded people remove obstacles to living their full potential. Working with businesses helping entrepreneurs and energetically aligning them with their financial abundance. 412.965.9827; www.PathToAwakening.net



Animal Communication:


logo1Earth Healing for Animals

Facilitating the conversation between you and your animal friends.
By communicating with other living species like animals, new possibilities appear for sharing and learning from the wisdom that they have! Phone readings available call Terri Wallace at 602-717-8508 or go to www.earthhealing4animals.com




logo for journey ad - Copy-1In Transition Astrology

Life comes with a roadmap: your astrological chart. With each contact we make, we build our life path. What is your next step? Kathy Beckwith, Astrologer/Owner 440-227-1821 intransitionastrology@outlook.com


1276493_orig Theresa Manjes

Chart your course with Theresa, the foremost Astrologer in Northern Ohio. Many years of experience and well known throughout the area. Also, an intuitive and does palm readings. She is available for phone readings and groups (partys) Please call 440-773-8594


Businesses and Organizations:


bell-brick-pic-cmykBell Brick & Candle

An online metaphysical store specializing in handmade items for the holistic and spiritual experience. Our cedar, sage, and sweet grass are grown by us and harvested with respect as well as our herbs. Our handcrafted items are available wholesale from our sister company, greyanchor.com www.bellbrick.com  bellbrickcandle@gmail.com



Offering sessions, workshops and classes in more than 60 modalities including energy work, herbalism, shamanism, life coaching, inner child work, spiritual counseling, essential oils, shadow work, nutrition, meditation, transpersonal psychology, alchemy, hermeticism, dreamwork and more! Rebekah Gamble, Holistic Practitioner 724-554-8870                                                                          rebekahgambleholisticpractitioner.com facebook.com/complementaryandholistichealth


LOGO-1Momentum 98

Catering those open to new ideas. Progressive natural health foodstore and health supplies. Home of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna. 3509 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 614-262-7087   Large online order page www.momentum98.com



2892 W Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15216 We carry an abundance of tools to feed your Spirit. Statuary, Incense, Oils, Herbs, Pagan Tools, Fine Handmade Jewelry,Tapestry AND SO MUCH MORE. All People, Religions and Beliefs are represented and can find peace here. 412-343-6666 www.moonhaven.com


oma usethisOMA Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

offers a Lecture Series September held through June highlighting regional and national speakers on various topics.  We are working towards building a Center with Alternative Practitioners, Classes, Workshops, Youth Programs and Community Events. Please visit our website at www.OMApittsburgh.org to learn more about us!


PrintPittsburgh School of Massage Therapy

Focused exclusively on massage offering professional training, continuing education and professional products shipped daily. Check out our Erie Continuing Education Conference 5/22-24/2016 Featuring Deane Juhan, Patrick Ingrassia, Ralph Stephens and Randall Gibson        866-395-3628      www.pghschmass.com


rishi logoRishi Institute of Metaphysics

Founded in the early 1940’s, what was to become one of the country’s first true New Age Center, The Rishi Institute of Metaphysics has helped thousands find their potential and purpose in life. Ongoing classes in several areas in Northeastern Ohio. Please call 216-374-3493 or visit www.rishisinstituteofmetaphysics.com


savannah-moon-cmykSavannah Moon

Savannah Moon ~ Essentials for the Spiritually Inclined™ – An online store offering 5,000+ products, including a huge selection of herbs. Visit our website: www.SavannahMoon.com LIKE us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SavannahMoon2016
Contact: Karen, owner: (216) 925-6645  Email: Karen@SavannahMoon.com


the-wave-cmykThe Wave Plug

The time for TheWave is now. Neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs in your home and cellular devices with one simple, affordable device.  We asked Theo about TheWavePlug.  To learn more and see Theo’s comments visit www.thewave.solutions  Darlene Green 425-765-5294 darlene@thewave.solutions


downloadSpirit Anchor

is a website for the Metaphysical/MetaSpiritual Community. A place for like-minded professionals to gather and discuss topics via our forum, explore resources and find events, a member directory as well as on-line retail. www.spiritanchor.com   www.facebook.com/spiritanchor    Twitter: @spiritanchor


h-yoga-picWellness With Hemp .com

Proprietary formulated CBD oil products enable the mind and body to work at their optimal state, promoting ultimate health, youthfulness and longevity. Order online 24/7! Revive AM to increase clarity, Revive PM to provide a peaceful rest, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, anti-aging capsules, salve, vapes, and more! www.WellnessWithHemp.com Contact Henderly at 602-842-2380 or info@WellnessWithHemp.com Come GROW with us! Click JOIN THE MOVEMENT online.


Healing Modalities:



With the use of bodywork, Access Consciousness, essential oils, yoga and meditation, Ascention will help you connect to your higher self. For more information, call Kristi at 412-716-2191 or Rishi at 440-223-1392 or www.thejourneymag.com/ascension


82716321F019Mary Lee Boesewetter OTR/L, RM

Cranio Sacral Therapy since  1994, The Life Line Technique, Myofacial Pain Release, Therapeutic Exercise, Meridian Stretching and Tapping.  Reiki Clinic since 1996, Reiki Classes, Spiritual Counseling, Wholistic Occupational Therapy & Hand Therapy. 440-808-9209  216-408-5742  healinginsight@msn.net  www.healinginsight.net


Tracy Butler-Martinez

MARCONICS is a multidimensional Ascension energy modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity – The Human Upgrade  Please call 614-584-0653 for more information.


Conscious Movement (knowing your body better) 

Mastering to do the seemingly simple things ( such as breath,sit, stand, walk,) can help you achieve a healthier, happier life. For more information about this one on one class, please go to my web site: www.sudance.net


Sue Head Shot resize 022615The Emotion & Body Code

Release trapped emotions and energies that may be keeping you from enjoying healthy relationships, abundance and vibrant good health. Sue Ball – Certified Emotion & Body Code Practitioner  216-459-9094 www.HealingHolisticJourneys.com


logoEric Sean

is an individual wellness specialist who empathically guides you to empowerment of your mind, body and spirit. Offering personal training, nutritional counseling, spiritual and wellness coaching. Its your life get to livin©  216-322-4574   www.eric-sean.com


Stacey Styborski – Thai Yoga Massage

Relax and Release! A dynamic bodywork which focuses on balancing energy and flow in the body. What sets Thai Bodywork apart is how it treats the body as a moving entity, re-educating and bringing awareness to the body as it reduces restrictions. Relaxation, decreased pain and increased flexibility all follow naturally. Text or call  412-780-7685


sally-traughtner-cmykSally Trautner

Universal White Time Healing….A healing technique like no other the world has known. In person hands-on sessions or DISTANCE SESSIONS. Certification courses available (levels One thru Four and teachers training)                              Call 480.767.6200 or visit sallytrautner.com

photoTurning Point Energy

Powerful energy medicine for body, mind and spirit. Very real and appears to work on anything. no charge if no success and children always free.  Open your heart and ask the great spirit for intervention. Lance 724-493-6764 www.turningpointenergy.org

dt-2Vega Star Healings

Feeling prevented from accomplishing goals? Still sensing your ex? Connected to others who are jealous or self-centered? Thinking of these people for no reason? Subconscious parasite cords exist. Distance psychic scanning & cord cutting available.                    Daniel Teague 602-539-0046 www.vegastarhealings.com

maurissaMaurissa Vergari

Wake up and dream, anything is possible. Become the best version of yourself by finding purpose, inner strength, and peace. Healing mental & physical pain thru balancing mind, body, and spirit. Personalized yoga, meditation, Thai Massage, and coaching. Haberlehealing@gmail.com 724-664-0489


Susana Weingarten

Let me help you with injuries, pains stress. I tailor my body work to your body’s needs with a fusion of various massage styles. “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha~ Please visit my website and call me if you want more information and an appointment: www.masusanna-massage.com 240-506-1168 (yes I am in Cleveland)


Quantum Biofeedback

A non-invasive energetic body scan specializing in the natural approach to balancing energy, aligning the body’s electrical impulses, reducing stress, and stimulating the innate ability to heal. Alina Romano, Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist 440.856.5280  flourishwellnessspa@yahoo.com


Life Coach:


Katie Augustine, LMC

Speaker, Minister, Coach. Live your magic and make a bigger impact! Coach Katie motivates clients across the nation to create a vision for their life, re-pattern their thinking, and take actions to become the man/woman in the vision. Email:   MagicMakerKt@yahoo.com      www.MagicMakerCoaching.com


Medical Intuitive:



Gina Ronzio

Gina has worked as a Professional Medium/Psychic, Medical Intuit & Spiritual Counselor for over 30 years. I am the Executive Director of a Healing Center teaching Energy Healing, Intuitive Development, Reiki & much more.  412-582-4199               




dscn0447Lillie Conard

A Psychic Medium with a strong connection to my guides and the angels.  Experienced in spirit communication, attachment removal & energy clearing.  contact: 703-409-8839 facebook.com/Lillie.Conard1


11046314_353544231500330_4009809796804007068_nRev. Betty Demchak

A medium, trained/ordained with Fellowship of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY. Betty has appeared on television. She was on “Psychic Thursdays” with Rev. Tim Brainard. Excellant reader, teacher/speaker, groups, private and phone readings. 440-7340019


 isabella-cmykIsabella Johnson

International Psychic Medium. Readings that change lives and touch souls.
Have a special request or service that isn’t listed on our website? Contact us today! “Life after Life” 1-602-218-5268 www.isabellareadings.com       www.facebook.com/PsychicMediumIsabellaJohnson


Julie Lawson

A natural born psychic medium with a passion to connect people to their loved ones (including pets). I am an Evidential Medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and Reiki Practitioner. Offering In-Person, Skype, and Phone Readings as well as In-person and Distance Reiki. 330-235-4761 www.in2itivejulie.com



Spirit Dice

Contact loved one’s on the other side through Spirit Dice app in the app store market place on all phones international. Just shake your phone and the dice roll out to spell out messages. www.spiritdice.com


JOHANNA-Rev Johanna Sturlini

Evidential Medium, Psychic, Counselor.  Specializes in reuniting you with your loved ones and consulting your guides for “life guidance”. Graduate Fellowships’ School of Prophesy and Healing, Lily Dale NY Attended Arthur Findlay College, UK, Delphi University, GA. Available at Journeys of Life,  412-681-8755 and in New Kensington, PA.  Johanna at Jokath646@comcast.net or 724-335-3881


michelle walkerMichelle Walker

Rev. Michelle Walker DNP a evidential Medium ordained through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY. Specializing in medical intuition, relationships, life purpose, and Health. Available for private readings, public demonstrations, events and workshops. drwalkerempoweredwellness@gmail.com www.EmpoweredWellness.org   Phone: 301-800-2566


Past Lives:


12227784_10205608873164526_6080483465204173865_n-1Kathleen Caruso

Graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit, Over 300 readings since 2012. I’m a  clairvoyant, clairaudience psychic medium. I offer spiritual guidance, Owner/Operator of Psychic Touch Nails in Willoughby, OH. call or text 440-223-6920. Visit Psychic Touch Nail Design & Spiritual readings @ Facebook. Also, Psychic Medium



tim brainard Rev. Tim Brainard

One of Northern Ohio’s most respected Psychic Mediums, Rev. Tim Brainard is a seasoned veteran psychic medium with over 30 yrs. experience! Tim also is an experienced speaker, and teacher and offers workshops, and classes. Available for phone readings or groups. Please call at 440-964-0457


angeliqueAngelique Clarke

A natural Healer and Psychic Medium.  Her unique practice offers Color & Sound, Past Life Regression, Auric Cleansing, Reiki, RoHun, Reflexology and Chakra Balancing, to assist in the healing of the soul from within. 480-335-8236       www.spiritualsoulhealing.com


carolan-dickersonCarolan Dickerson

is a Psychic Medium, Angel intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and author of the book, “Walking with the Archangels.” Walking with the Archangels is also an online course on Udemy at https://www.udemy.com/walking-with-the-archangels/learn/v4/overview. She is available for phone readings and distance Reiki treatments and attunements. https://carolandickinson.com carolan903@gmail.com 480-229-2315


SoleFocused LLC – Rachelle Gehman

My mission is to serve and support all who are seeking to connect with spirit. I remain humble and honored, with the highest ethics, to serve everyone seeking spirit guidance and wisdom. (269) 779-6807 www.solefocusedspiritualcoach.com/

maryann3Mary Ann Reiger

Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master.  Over 20 years experience, accurate, compassionate and helpful.  Combines intuition and energy healing. Individual appointments, parties and email readings.  Visit www.energy-circle.com or facebook.com/maryannreigerintuitive  or email at mreiger@sbcglobal.net 216-312-0010


Sandy Taylor copySandra Taylor

Don’t just get a reading, get a life-changing reading! Connect with your spirit loved ones and learn what’s blocking your energy. Contact Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Taylor at StarbringerAssociates.com or call 440-871-5446 to schedule.

pict-mbs-guide-copyBillie Tobin

Billie is a Psychic, Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Healer, and published author. She is known for her accurately detailed readings and practical, intuitive life coaching approach. Get answers to relationships, romance, career, health, life purpose, and past lives. 248-789-1980     www.tarotangelreader.com


julie tothJulie Toth

Psychic Medium, spiritual counselor, and L.M.T. serving Northern Ohio.
It is an honor to channel your loved ones and help heal your heart.
             For  appointment email psychicmediumjulie@yahoo.com  440-865-9860


Psychic Fairs and Expos:

James Van Praagh coming to Pittsburgh

World renowned Psychic Medium James Van Praagh will be at the Monroeville Convention Center on Saturday, September 30. Tickets on sale beginning March 18. for more information and tickets www.simoneventmanagement.com or 800-747-5599


PrintThe Journey Psychic Fair

Truly one of Cleveland’s metaphysical communities best kept secret! Our warm, friendly atmosphere is a testament to our beliefs in helping the community find their path. Our readers take time to personally connect with you and give you the best reading possible, reading with genuine care and compassion. Astrology, Mediums, Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Spiritual Coaches, Past Lives.  Details here: The Journey Psychic Fair or call Clyde at 440-223-1392



downloadSandra Leigh Serio Psychic Fair

Sunday, April 30, 2017 Crowne Plaza, Cleveland South I-77 & Rockside Road
(5300 Rockside Road), 10 AM – 5 PM Free Admission and Free Lectures. Psychic Sessions are $25 and last 15-17 minutes Sandra-Leigh’s sessions are $35, Cash Only   www.sandraleigh.com


Spiritualist Churches and Groups:


picfirst churchThe 1st Spiritualist Church of Greater Pittsburgh

Offering services, messages, healing, & spirit circles. Expand your knowledge & awareness of life after death. Visit our website www.1stspiritualistchurch.org  LIKE our Facebook page:      www.Facebook.com/PittsburghSpiritualistChurch


Spiritual Counseling:


Sue Broome

Angel Talk with Sue radio host on www.ThriveTalkNetwork.com, Mondays 1pm Eastern. Spiritual Guide, Speaker, Author, Teacher, Intuitive Angel Healings & Readings. Available by phone, in person & Skype sessions. www.SueBroome.com or 608.239.9026 



Rev. Susanna Margaret Goulder

Are you feeling stuck or dissatisfied? Do you long to feel more fulfilled and be of greater service?  Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Catalyst  216-255-9705 Susanna@Live-Good-Life.com   www.Live-Good-Life.com


logoEric Sean

is an individual wellness specialist who empathically guides you to empowerment of your mind, body and spirit. Offering personal training, nutritional counseling, spiritual and wellness coaching. Its your life get to livin©  216-322-4574   www.eric-sean.com

untitled-signDe Alva Ward

Incorporating her cultural Southwestern Native American techniques and tools to shift your consciousness to a higher vibration to enhance and shift the energies of the mind, body, and spirit through spiritual guidance and intuitive energy work. For more information www.earthmotherwisdom.com  or call 602-316-2488


Tarot Card Readers:


RebeccaJourneyMagImageRebecca Bloom

Intuitive Tarot Reader & Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Medium and an overall Soul Enthusiast with over 14 years of professional intuitive experience. Available for phone readings, events and fundraisers.   Visit ReadingswithRebecca.com  or call 412.310.0400


william-nutter-cmykWilliam Nutter

A metaphysician and multi-faith minister who holds a Masters in Religion, Doctorate in Divinity and Philosophy. His primary modality is accurate and insightful tarot readings, however he is also an intuitive, a medium, is Reiki attuned and handles a wide variety of spiritual services. 703-599-3181 www.willnutter.com


Angelique Sunagel

Psychic Intuitive and Reiki Master, offering you Psychic Readings and Intuitive Life Coaching to help you understand the energy potential surrounding you so you may create a meaningful, balanced life by manifesting the things your dreams, hopes, and desires. www.whitelotustarot.com Follow me on YouTube: www.youtube.com/whitelotustarot






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