Akashic Records:

Stephanie Charles

Akashic Records Consultant and teacher, Intuitive and Medium. Has 10 years of experience working in the Akashic Records as well as teaching others. Available for readings, events and workshops. Visit www.symmetryof8.wordpress.com or call 724-799-4200

Animal Communication and Healing:



logo for journey ad - Copy-1In Transition Astrology

Has your life taken a detour that’s going nowhere? Your astrological chart is a roadmap. It contains the clues, keys, and compass to navigate a more fulfilling journey. Contact me to help reset you GPS and get you back in the driver’s seat.  Kathy Beckwith  phone 440-227-1821. intransitionastrology@outlook.com


1276493_orig Theresa Manjes

Chart your course with Theresa, the foremost Astrologer in Northern Ohio. Many years of experience and well known throughout the area. Also, an intuitive and does palm readings. She is available for phone readings and groups (partys) Please call 440-773-8594

Businesses and Organizations:


Hand Soap made with Dead Sea Salt

All of our hand soap products contain Dead Sea Salt that provides Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, and Antibacterial properties.
Products are available with or without Triclosan, an antibacterial agent. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. Click here to order The Healers Way   or call 440-709-4908



Earth Angels Holistic Health

Offering a diverse range of holistic based services such as: Reiki, Therapeutic massage, Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Treatments, Bio- energetic healing, Life/soul Coaching and more.
Our mission at Earth Angels is to be a supportive, integral part of your evolution. We are focused on helping you live to your fullest potential and discover your Truth. 216-861-9000 www.EarthAngelsHolistic.com

Dr. Karen Seremak, ND – Essential Arcadia ~ Natural Wellness

Dr. Karen is a Traditional Naturopath, offering Holistic Natural Health Coaching / Natural Wellness Consultations that are Scientifically-based and Spiritually-sound, to assist you in your journey to health: Body, Mind & Spirit. Emotion Code Sessions are also available.  216.925.6645  www.EssentialArcadia.com


LOGO-1Momentum 98

Catering those open to new ideas. Progressive natural health foodstore and health supplies. Home of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna. 3509 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 614-262-7087   Large online order page www.momentum98.com


Moonlux Cove

is an interactive online energy healing site created to raise your vibration. We offer luxurious and holistic products and services such as crystals, tarot, reiki and other hand crafted goods. For more information, call Shay at 440-635-6924 or visit us online at moonluxcove.com 


2892 W Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15216 We carry an abundance of tools to feed your Spirit. Statuary, Incense, Oils, Herbs, Pagan Tools, Fine Handmade Jewelry,Tapestry AND SO MUCH MORE. All People, Religions and Beliefs are represented and can find peace here. 412-343-6666 www.moonhaven.com

rishi logoRishi Institute of Metaphysics

Do you desire a more radiant life experience? Explore metaphysical teachings of ancient masters to awaken your spiritual power towards self-mastery in seven departments of life. Weekly one hour classes offered on a donation basis strengthen the foundation of who you really are & provides insight into positive changes in thoughts & actions to manifest that which you desire. Join others on the Path of Light journey. 21933 Euclid Avenue, Euclid, Ohio 44117 Call 216-486-7240 rishisinstituteofmetaphysics@gmail.com 

Essential Oils:

Jen Channing

Young Living Essential Oils, toxin free cleaning and beauty products, supplements and more! Certified aromatherapist offering consultations, in home parties, and a variety of classes. If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils or a toxin free lifestyle contact me ylwithjen@gmail.com 440-591-3257 Distributor #2611972 Http://tinyurl.com/ylwithjen

Healing Modalities:


With the use of bodywork, Access Consciousness, essential oils, yoga and meditation, Ascention will help you connect to your higher self. For more information, call Kristi at 412-716-2191 or Rishi at 440-223-1392 or www.thejourneymag.com/ascension

Holgraphic Kinetics Practitioner, Caroline Tibbetts

The practitioner works directly with the spirit of the client to clear issues and heal spirit.  It is effective on such areas as: trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, compulsive disorders, negative thoughts, self harm, etc.  healingspiritthrutime@gmail.com


Kristi Coleman – Bars Practitioner

Kristi blends her training in Access  Consciousness®, yoga, essential oils, and meditation to create a dynamic healing experience she calls AscenTion. Kristi has been teaching yoga since 2010 and holds a master’s degree in Counselor Education.  In 2013, she began her training in Access Consciousness ® and is a Practitioner of The Access Bars ® as well as a Course Facilitator. Kristi enjoys playing with energy and co-facilitating change in people to create more joy & greater ease by getting in sync with the body. To find out more about Kristi please visit https://thejourneymag.com/ascention/ or contact her @ kristijo1111@icloud.com


Melissae Ann- Oracle Reiki Priestess

Welcome to your one-stop for everything from Reiki healing, natural health, guided tarot & protection blessings by an officially ordained non-denominational healer to help you live your best life in this human body.. Cheers to Good Health!
Phone readings available. Please call 307-241-2283.

SoulShine Healing Arts — Discover the Art of Happiness

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient healing art utilizing the hands as “jumper cables” to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Experience this simple and profound art to restore harmony and balance in your life! Call 412-608-3081, Email: soulshineha@gmail.com or go to soulshinehealingarts.net    Lori Patterson


Renee Jennings,  MA, MSW, LCSW, LISW, CHt

A transpersonal, integrative and somatic therapist, energy practitioner, intuitive, and facilitator/consultant with nearly three decades in the holistic healing and spiritual arts.  Her work bridges leading-edge, evidence-based psychological modalities with well-grounded mystical and shamanic practices for personal and planetary transformation.  Distance and in-person sessions. (216)375-7859 www.reneejennings.com

Intimate Connections:

Igor Ganapolsky – A Soul in Search of a Mate

Are you committed to constant growth in your life? I am looking for an attractive lady (aged 25-35) who is appealing physically, but most important – beauty within. Potentially we would connect through practices of personal growth and spiritual development. Meditation is a key proponent of my life. My hobbies are software engineering and playing basketball.  Please feel to call and see if we connect! Cell # 201-639-1534




Helping you in your personal path through guidance, inspiration, and motivation. Each session is personalized to your individual energy and will help you pinpoint the blocks that are holding you back from your true destiny of happiness, joy, peace and love. Please call 440-223-1392 for information.


Life Coach:

Alex Mandic, LMC

Coach Alex helps you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your soul’s purpose.  She offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness.  Contact information:  (440) 747 – 7860  ***  www.amtransformationll.com

Medical Intuitives:

michelle walkerMichelle Walker

Rev. Michelle Walker DNP a evidential Medium ordained through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY. Specializing in medical intuition, relationships, life purpose, and Health. Available for private readings, public demonstrations, events and workshops. drwalkerempoweredwellness@gmail.com www.EmpoweredWellness.org   Phone: 301-800-2566


11046314_353544231500330_4009809796804007068_nRev. Betty Demchak

A medium, trained/ordained with Fellowship of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY. Betty has appeared on television. She was on “Psychic Thursdays” with Rev. Tim Brainard. Excellant reader, teacher/speaker, groups, private and phone readings. 440-7340019

JOHANNA-Rev Johanna Sturlini

Evidential Medium, Psychic, Counselor.  Specializes in reuniting you with your loved ones and consulting your guides for “life guidance”. Graduate Fellowships’ School of Prophesy and Healing, Lily Dale NY Attended Arthur Findlay College, UK, Delphi University, GA. Available at Journeys of Life,  412-681-8755 and in New Kensington, PA.  Johanna at Jokath646@comcast.net or 724-335-3881

michelle walkerMichelle Walker

Rev. Michelle Walker DNP a evidential Medium ordained through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY. Specializing in medical intuition, relationships, life purpose, and Health. Available for private readings, public demonstrations, events and workshops. drwalkerempoweredwellness@gmail.com www.EmpoweredWellness.org   Phone: 301-800-2566

Oracle Card Readings:

Amber Owens

I am an Oracle. I read cards using 3-6 different decks to map the souls journey of evolution. It is a healing service that brings insights into the energies at play in people’s lives and how they can best navigate the waters to reach their best and highest outcomes.  (724)257-2207  insightoraclereadings@gmail.com Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Insight-Oracle-1860792007570974/



tim brainardRev. Tim Brainard

One of Northern Ohio’s most respected Psychic Mediums, Rev. Tim Brainard is a seasoned veteran psychic medium with over 30 yrs. experience! Tim also is an experienced speaker, and teacher and offers workshops, and classes. Available for phone readings or groups. Please call at 440-964-0457


maryann3Mary Ann Reiger

Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master.Over 20 years experience, accurate, compassionate and helpful.Combines intuition and energy healing. Individual appointments, parties and email readings.Visit www.energy-circle.com or facebook.com/maryannreigerintuitiveor email at mreiger@sbcglobal.net 216-312-0010

Sandy Taylor copySandra Taylor

Don’t just get a reading, get a life-changing reading! Connect with your spirit loved ones and learn what’s blocking your energy. Contact Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Taylor at StarbringerAssociates.com or call 440-871-5448 to schedule.



Rev. Tracie Redden-Frick

YouTube personality and Twin Flame/Soulmate  Relationship coach. Psychic-medium Trained at Lily Dale Assembly. Fourth generation intuitive and practicing her craft for over 20 years. Available by phone, or  private readings and coaching sessions.  fricktracie@gmail.com  Please call 440-265-9481                                              YouTube channel: T.R.sTarottalk1111



Psychic Fairs and Expos:


PrintThe Journey Psychic Fair

Truly one of Cleveland’s metaphysical communities best kept secret! Our warm, friendly atmosphere is a testament to our beliefs in helping the community find their path. Our readers take time to personally connect with you and give you the best reading possible, reading with genuine care and compassion. Astrology, Mediums, Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Spiritual Coaches, Past Lives.  Details here: The Journey Psychic Fair or call Clyde at 440-223-1392

Spiritualist Churches and Groups:

picfirst churchThe 1st Spiritualist Church of Greater Pittsburgh

Offering services, messages, healing, & spirit circles. Expand your knowledge & awareness of life after death. Visit our website www.1stspiritualistchurch.org  LIKE our Facebook page:      www.Facebook.com/PittsburghSpiritualistChurch

Spiritual Books:


Marian S. Taylor, Author

Do you want to connect with your children? … your grandchildren? Do you want them to see the world through the eyes of love and acceptance? Books, cards, activities Inspire conversations about our spiritual interconnectedness Interact with the natural world See miracles everywhere.www.MarianSTaylor.comFB: Marian S. Taylor taylor.ms.333@gmail.com

Spiritual Counseling:

Jasa Johnson

What creates change?  Unwavering passion. To live a bold, authentic life takes courage and a refusal to back away.  If you’re ready to shine your “light”, I’ll help you find your way.  I’m Jasa Johnson, a Healer, Priestess, Minister, Life Coach and “Provocateur of Souls”.  www.jasathemystic.com, 559-307-6501




Liz Haunstein – Tarot Reader

Tarot readings provide insight to your current situation and provide guidance with how best to proceed in taking the steps towards the future that you desire.  Receive clarity and to stay on your path of fulfilling your soul’s highest purpose.  Distance sessions available. www.LizHaunstein.com and www.Facebook.com/lizhaunstein 

Melissae Ann- Oracle Reiki Priestess

Welcome to your one-stop for everything from Reiki healing, natural health, guided tarot & protection blessings by an officially ordained non-denominational healer to help you live your best life in this human body.. Cheers to Good Health! 
Phone readings available. Please call 307-241-2283.

Shay from Moonlux Cove – Intuitive Card Reader

 an intuitive card reader, certified master reiki healer and yoga teacher. Her mission is to open minds and heal hearts by guiding her clients to the path of authentic self discovery through various energetic healing modalities. Certified Reiki Healer & Yoga Teacher.  440-635-6924 or visit us online at moonluxcove.com











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