The Psychic & Healing Guide Featured Listing

The Psychic & Healing Guide Featured Listing

Samantha – Wild Child Moon Tarot


Samantha knew very early she had special gifts and wanted to help people! Since 2017 she has done over 5000 readings, specializing in love and finance . She has gained a popular following on her Tik Tok and Instagram pages: Wildchildmoontarot. Those looking for answers and looking to book a reading please contact – with your information and she will get back to you within 24 hours!


Get to Know Samantha:




    How would you describe the modality that would be your main service to others?

With deviation tools such as tarot and my pendulum I am able to provide clients with clarity and the truth they seek, and provide guidance with the tools to help aid their spiritual growth and well being! 

     When did you first feel the desire to share this with people?

In 2019 I made a tik tock video  and gotten on the FYP (for you page) and I decided to post readings and people commented that is resonated with them and it all started from there! 


      Who would you consider to be your greatest teachers?

I would have to say Alan Watts and Deloris Cannon


      What would you like to be doing in 5 years regarding your work?

I would like to take Wild Child Moon Tarot to the next level and do events such as weddings and other fairs around the world!  In addition to being more involved with the spiritual community and building a YouTube channel! 

      If you would be able to have a conversation with 3 people, living or not, who would that be and why?

1) Sylvia Brown – very insightful psychic has predicted so much about world events 

2) Deloris O’Brien  – her wisdom and knowledge on spirituality is so in depth and she explains her knowledge very well. 

3) Sigmund Freud – he was the grandfather of psychology and helped change our understanding on the human mind and I would  love to discuss his theories more 
















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