The Psychic & Healing Guide Featured Listing

The Psychic & Healing Guide Featured Listing

Carol Miller – Medium


Medium with April Sunshine Spiritual Readings and Healing. With a goal as a medium is to connect people with their dear loved ones in spirit to bring comfort, healing, understanding and joy through messages from those in spirit. Completed mediumship training with The Trilogy Institute in LilyDale New York and serving over a 100 out-door services as a visiting medium at Lily Dale. With a professional background in clinical counseling, and bringing this sensitivity to her mediumship.  216-385-7123

   How would you describe the modality that would be your main service to others?

I am a medium.   I connect with people who have passed into spirit.  I pass along messages from people in spirit.  I deliver some psychic messages as well, but mainly I communicate with people in spirit through meditation connection to the other worldly plain.
   When did you first feel the desire to share this with people?

My desire to share this with people grew slowly. I started directly giving messages about 5 years ago. What motivates me to serve spirit as a medium is the healing that I see it brings to people. People so treasure having a connection with their dear loved ones who have passed into spirit. They are relieved to know that their loved ones are fine and are still connected to them.

   Who would you consider to be your greatest teachers? 

I trained with Patricia Price at the Trilogy Institute at Lily Dale. I also have trained with Celeste Elliotte also at Lily Dale in her classes through The Church of the Living Spirit.

   What would you like to be doing in 5 years regarding your work? 

Five years from now I expect to be serving as a medium whenever and wherever possible. I would also like to be teaching some classes on Spiritualism and mediumship.

    If you would be able to have a conversation with 3 people, living or not, who would that be and why?

I would like to speak with Mahatma Gandhi because he ushered in a new way of nonviolent thinking that moved thinking toward the possibility of peaceful resolution of problems in the modern era.
I would like to talk to Jesus and learn who he really was and why he came and how he says we should follow his teachings.
I would like to talk to LeBron James. He is such a good example of how to move beyond our beginnings, how to rectify our mistakes, and how to remain above the pettiness of life and remain true to yourself.


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